Why SEO is important for your online success: ENERGY!

why seo is important for your online success

Reducing solopreneur overwhelm and creating a sustainable client attraction process is key to having the energy and brainpower available to keep showing up in and for your business as an introverted or highly sensitive service provider. To me, that’s why SEO is important for your online success. It helps you to accomplish that goal (because you optimize the work you’re probably already doing).

When you’re an introvert or highly sensitive solopreneur with an online service business, anything you can do to save TIME, ENERGY, and prevent OVERLOAD (information, sensory, you name it) is a bonus.

That’s why using social media to find clients is so challenging for many of us! It can simply feel like TOO MUCH!

If we look at content marketing in general, it is a significant commitment you make to growing your business. Creating and sharing content, in whatever form, is how your business gets ‘seen’ online.

Blog posts can be an ideal format when you have an introverted personality or experience high sensitivities because the entire process takes place in a more controlled environment with less urgency and expectation of immediate response. You have space and time to think, edit, decide and reply (if you’re set up for comments). The whole process feels slower-paced and less stimulating than on social media. For many of us, that’s a good thing!

But if you’re writing blog posts to grow your business and are NOT adding SEO, it’s more difficult to organically reach new people online (by showing up in search results).

So, you’re wondering why SEO is important for online business success? It helps bring traffic your way!

Traffic means viewers. New eyes on your business.

But traffic in itself is not enough when it comes to conversion.

You want good-fit traffic. And that means your blogs should be SEO optimized and targeted FOR YOUR NICHE.

Content marketing. SEO. Niche clarity.

If your ideal clients are already searching online, SEO is important. It makes it easier to reach those people than chasing them down on social media (especially if you find the scroll and sheer abundance of ‘input’ exhausting)!

This is the way to create a more introvert-friendly online service business (one that’s sustainable because it respects your sensitivities and doesn’t wear you out).

You want the process of writing content to be an enjoyable part of your business. YES.

AND it should organically bring new potential clients who resonate with you and your work into view. Then you can welcome them in, share your expertise, build connection and trust, and help them take their next step toward their goals.

If it’s not doing this, decision fatigue, solopreneur overwhelm, and energy drain become part of the daily routine. You can only go for so long investing time and energy into something that doesn’t seem to provide a return on that investment.

If your current marketing efforts are feeling too hard, you can keep pushing harder or you can try something different.

SEO can be an important part of your online success (especially when you create content specifically for your niche). And it doesn’t have to be as technical or overwhelming as you might have thought! You can definitely do it (if you want to)!

Give it a try.

You’ll find blog posts that walk you through 5 steps to get started with SEO by:

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