Too often, sensitive solopreneurs with online service businesses find themselves exhausted and frustrated in their search for new clients…because they rely too much on OVERSTIMULATING social media channels instead of optimizing the QUIET space that they have more control over: their website.


When we add SEO to become more easily discovered by search engines AND we write in a way that genuinely resonates with our ideal clients, we can more easily create a sustainable income without the hustle.


In this 1:1 service, we will co-create more powerful pages on your website that will show up in search results, welcome your ideal audience, make it clear that you understand their challenges, and foster a sense of trust that you can help them achieve their goals.

Our work together will establish an inviting and supportive place for potential clients to land, whether a search led them directly to a page on your website OR they found you via a blog post.

Let’s make your job of welcoming new clients just a little bit easier.


Website SEO Consulting will help you with the following challenges: 

  • Unsure if your DIY website is set up to get clients because you wrote it yourself and, other than positive comments about how nice it is, it’s not converting into sales. 
  • Think you are clear about who you help and what you do but feel frustrated because you don’t seem to be getting any traction. In the back of your mind you’re still thinking, “I can help anyone.” “I don’t want to miss out on potential clients.”
  • Keep posting offers and writing blog posts but it just seems like a waste of time because it’s not helping you get clients.
  • Have no idea how many people see the website, read the blog posts, what they searched for, or how they found it.
  • Struggle with doing what you “should” do versus what you feel is authentic when it comes to promoting your business. 
  • Stress is building as more time passes without enough clients to make this a sustainable business.

Through our Website SEO Consulting work together, you’ll be able to:

  • Make your website work better for you to attract new ideal clients and grow your business.
  • Feel more confident that the right people will find you online and, based on what they read on the website, they will WANT to hear more.
  • Finding new clients feels easier because you have a structure that feels aligned and clear.
  • Feel more grounded and balanced because you don’t feel pressured to be online all the time.
  • ROI: You feel reassured about the future of your business because you can see that the time and energy that you put into your website is actually paying off with conversions.

“I just sold my first cold [2-month coaching] package – with the help of the lovely Marla Hunter-Bellavia I sorted out some of the wording and value proposition on my website.

I had the [sales] call [with a potential client]…And then yesterday the money came in.

So keep the faith….you’ve so got this and every single step forward is a step towards more clarity and amazingness.

This is the FIRST time I have sold without doing a freebie!” Anita Kaiser Wellness

How to know if this is a good fit for you:

  • This offer is for my fellow sensitive women with online service businesses (coaching, consulting, healing) that deliver services online from a place of personal experience and commitment (seeking to quietly and genuinely make a positive difference without burnout).
  • My approach is to work together, separately. I will ask you a lot of questions and expect that you will answer with heart, depth, and informed insights so that we can co-create content that will be customized to fit YOU and YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS, plus be more likely to show up in search results. I will guide you, but cannot guess at this.
  • My approach is to provide clarity and speak to the lived experiences of real people. Sparkly language that sounds lovely or feels salesy is NOT my style.

What you receive:

  • 3 new key website pages: Home, About, and Services, written with your ideal client AND SEO in mind.
  • Guidance for how to format the pages for SEO, including keywords.
  • The entire process documented so that you can reflect back on it at any time as you write future pages and posts.

Is this the support you’ve been looking for?

No appointment scheduling is required as this work is done via writing (email, shared Google doc/comments, messenger).

Price: $1150 USD


Got questions? Contact me.