Values based marketing. Relief for sensitive solopreneurs

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Do you ever notice sparks of insight coming from the most unexpected places? Mine often relate to business or marketing in some way. Probably because, as a strongly introverted solopreneur, I continue to fine-tune ways to create an online service business that both feels good AND I can sustain (energetically and financially). If you can relate, values-based marketing may be the foundation that hits the mark.

Random insights aren’t really random

Keeping notes on my phone has become the norm for me. Any time an insight is sparked, I need to write it down or it’s quickly forgotten.

One night I was watching The Incredible Dr. Pol on the National Geographic channel. Early in life, I lived on a farm and wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. So there’s a natural curiosity and sentimental connection to the show I suppose.

What I didn’t expect was to be inspired to think about my online service business and how I go about marketing it. And then, Dr. Pol said this:

“I’m here to help farmers stay in business. So if they can do it on their own, fine. If not, they call me.”

Values are powerful

It was such a clear and confident statement. I immediately felt the need to add that to my phone notes! It touched something in me and deserved further contemplation.

Later, when reflecting back on what Dr. Pol had said, I realized that what it touched on was one of my strongly held VALUES. Both personal and professional.

I value autonomy: the capacity to make an informed, uncoerced decision

This value is important to me in my own life as a human (and a consumer). And it is important in my approach to marketing my services.

To me, it’s about having respect for the people who interact with me. It’s about treating them like I want to be treated. And offering enough to get them unstuck when they need it, but not setting it up so that they “need my services” (or are led to believe they do) in order to succeed longer term.

My rephrased version of the original quote:

I’m here to help women who are sensitive solopreneurs to stay in business. So if they can do it on their own (or with support from someone who better fits their needs), fine. If not, they contact me.

Dr. Pol’s toolkit includes veterinary medicine. Mine includes writing and SEO. We probably both have a good dose of wisdom and intuition to add to the mix too.

But what’s most important for the purpose of this exercise, is identifying the underlying value. It speaks volumes.

It feels in integrity to use a values-based marketing approach in my business as a sensitive solopreneur.

In fact, it provides a sense of RELIEF. Because I value autonomy, the pressure is off having to chase, manipulate, fake scarcity, or convince anyone to work with me.

It also frees me from constantly trying to come up with ways for clients to keep on paying me. There is a need I can fill, or there isn’t. Some people feel like a great fit to work with at the moment, some don’t. No need to push when you can stay open, curious, and responsive.

My job is to take responsibility for my own marketing.

Share my message and offers somehow (which I get to choose).

Make it easier for the women in my desired audience to find me (again, I get to choose HOW).

And provide enough information to help them make an informed decision as to whether I’m the right person to help them solve their current problem (or move toward their goal).

That means I can leave behind all those slimy, pushy, misguided, or simply misaligned marketing tactics that feel gross or exhausting to me. I don’t have to use them.

Neither do you.

Follow your energy to more values-based marketing

You’ll know when part of your marketing is not aligned to your values if you feel exhausted, hesitant, or simply want to avoid it altogether. Your body will tell you. Listen.

Pay attention when something sparks an insight (or emotional reaction). Jot it down, even if you have no idea what it means yet.

Look for signs of your values.

Figure out how to live and express those values through your marketing.

Trust that, by doing so, your ideal fit clients will contact you – when they’re interested, feel a sense of connection, or are ready for support.

That will be good for you, your energy, and your business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post. What signs have you received that your marketing could use some values-based fine-tuning?

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