SEO offerings to support Introverts and HSP solopreneurs with inbound marketing

Attract new clients online with SEO (when hustling and being active on social media daily is just NOT your thing!)

SEO can make a real difference for sensitive solopreneurs who need to make marketing choices that take their personal energy management into account. And you don’t have to be a techie or become an SEO expert to see RESULTS!

The search engines are always working. Make it easier for them to bring new potential clients TO YOU (even when you’re NOT working)!

Here’s how I currently support my fellow introvert and sensitive solopreneurs to grow their online service businesses with SEO:

OR…learning SEO is not your priority BUT you want some SEO and inbound marketing support?

(and prefer working with a fellow sensitive solopreneur?)

Keyword research. Topic ideas. Headline suggestions.

Niche clarity and messaging to make client attraction and conversion easier. (aka a bit of tough love and straight talk so you can stop running in circles!)

You write the blog posts. I edit for SEO.

If consulting is what you prefer, contact me via email or DM. Tell me what you’re looking for and let’s see if we’re a fit.

Marla Hunter-Bellavia is a writer and on-page SEO coach/mentor/consultant. She specializes in supporting introverted and sensitive solopreneurs to grow their online service businesses (without having to be online all the time). Office hours are in time zone PST/PDT Vancouver. However, most work is done independently so time zone differences are not an issue.