SEO: introvert-friendly for marketing online services

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Let’s face it. Marketing online services can be exhausting for certain personality types.

Whether you’re introverted or sensitive in other ways (hello highly sensitive and empath entrepreneurs), my guess is that you’ve grown tired of the start and stop that can happen when marketing your online service business to find clients through social media. It can be hard to keep up (and maybe you simply no longer want to)!

You are not alone!

That’s why I appreciate SEO for sensitive solopreneurs in particular. As an extremely introverted person, it simply works better for my energy levels and lack of desire for socializing.

When it comes to social media marketing, the pressure to post constantly, be on every platform, keep up with the algorithms, PLUS the sheer overwhelm of so much input from the scroll creates a struggle for me. Even when I try to create a minimal plan, I can’t stay consistent.

Perhaps you can relate.

What if, instead of criticizing yourself (for not being able to keep up) and/or trying to FORCE yourself to do it (because you’ve been told you should), you found a better way?

A method that allows you to do your part to show up and become more easily discovered by your ideal clients online…that works better with your energy, natural style, and personal preferences.

To me, a better way for marketing online services – when you don’t want to be online all the time – is SEO.

Regardless of how small your online service business is, SEO allows you to:

  • keep your blinders on to avoid comparisonitis which is so easy to get caught up in on social media,
  • stay in your own lane, focused on what matters to you and your ideal clients,
  • maintain more ownership and control over your content and how you create it (because it’s on your website vs a social media platform that can lock you, block you, or prevent you from showing up in the feed),
  • focus on creating quality content vs worrying about sociability,
  • keep your head down, don’t worry what you look like, do the work, do a great job, don’t brag about it, etc.,
  • AND still have people FIND YOU without having to push your way through.

Yes, SEO takes some strategic thinking and research. It’s a skillset that you can learn. It takes time to get results (it’s not a quick fix but a way to expand your reach with a cold audience and invite them to hang around so you can build trust).

I’m guessing that won’t scare you away.

Because, even with the learning curve, it is preferable to continuing to rely on the daily hustle of social media to attract clients.

Let’s say you’re convinced (or at least, intrigued).

SEO sounds like a great fit for marketing your online services.

What next?

There’s no shortage of information available. So it comes down to your own personal preferences.

If you have time and are willing to give it a try, DIY it. You don’t have to become an expert to apply the basics that will start getting you results. And you can do it for free.

  • I’ve written my own summary of steps to get you started through various blog posts (START YOUR SEO JOURNEY HERE).
  • Of course, if you need more, or prefer a different style, you can Google it! (or ask me)

If time is precious and you just want someone to walk you through so it feels less overwhelming, I can help you 1:1.

  • First step I recommend is my 1:1 Blog SEO mentoring.
  • It provides “beginner blog SEO” mentoring for you as a sensitive solo business owner who provides one-to-one services online. By the end of the month, you’ll be set to write posts that are more likely to show up in search results (making it easier for new ideal potential clients to find you).

Bottom line, somewhere online, your ideal client is typing something into a Google search that you can help them with. Will they find you?

You can make that your goal when marketing your online services. Or you can keep feeling exhausted and overwhelmed trying to push yourself to stay consistent on social media, like many of us have (until we had enough).

There’s no wrong choice. And it doesn’t have to be either/or if you don’t want to quit social media altogether.

The point is, YOU get to choose what’s best for you!

If SEO is on your radar to become part of a sustainable strategy for new client attraction, I invite you to contact me, and let’s see if working together feels like the right fit for you now.

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