Is social media anxiety crushing your marketing mojo?

social media anxiety seo

Many introverts and women with high sensitivities choose self-employment for their wellbeing. Many don’t necessarily enjoy social media (including me). But it’s pretty much a given that we’re supposed to rely on it to grow our online service business. So we force ourselves to use it, even though it creates social media anxiety for a variety of reasons (which makes us feel WORSE).

Ironically, we pay for courses and programs to try to fix ourselves (although we might not see it that way) so we can figure out how to ‘be visible’ on whatever social media channel the experts have told us is the best for business. We want to do well and figure that the experts know best, so we try to follow their lead, hoping for a remedy.

Then, when it doesn’t work, we can’t keep up, or we become exhausted and pull back to recover our energy…we blame ourselves. That’s a perfect storm to zap our business mojo, making our efforts to find clients all that more challenging.

What if, instead of constantly pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and feeling shitty (because it contributes to more social media anxiety, guilt, self-doubt, etc.), you accept your personal preferences, pay attention to what your body is telling you, and choose ways to market your business that feel better?

Is that even possible?

I’m all for personal growth. Looking at the deeper issues and fears to clear out what’s keeping us feeling trapped. And stretching.

But I’m NOT up for creating a situation where we are constantly outside our window of tolerance, putting our nervous system into danger mode, and never being able to feel the ease and flow that comes with the wellbeing we sought in the first place when we started our business. Why would we consciously choose to do this to ourselves!??

You get to decide how you market your business. And it shouldn’t have to always feel hard to be worthy. It shouldn’t always be about you toughening up or getting over it or improving your mindset or learning techniques to more efficiently do it anyways. More, more, more.

There are enough challenges as a solopreneur. Let’s not create more unnecessarily.

So here’s my invitation. Give yourself permission to find the marketing combination that FEELS BETTER to you AND WORKS to grow your business.

I believe that, when you are more at ease, you will also be more successful. Because your right fit people want to connect with the real, grounded, healthy, intuitive, creative, you…not some picture-perfect social media feed that checks all the boxes.

Plus, I’m sick of all the pressure, guilt trips, and shaming. I’m putting my blinders on and trusting myself instead.

If you’re feeling more social media anxiety than ease of expression and connection, choose something different.

As for me, I still use social media. Nowadays it’s one channel. When I want to. How I want to.

This is supplemented by niching and continuing to refine my messaging, adding SEO to my blog posts and website, connecting behind the scenes, focusing on high-quality service delivery, genuine follow-up, and nurturing quality referrals.

Do I have a huge list, following, income? No.

Am I the go-to person in my industry? No.

Is that what I want? No.

Small, simple, meaningful, sustainable is how I roll. I’m good with ‘enough’.

Is this what YOU have to choose? No.

You know yourself best. So, my fellow introvert and sensitive solopreneurs, just be YOU!

Be kind to yourself and figure out what works best for you. Then do more of that!

Instead of trying to ‘fix’ yourself when it comes to pushing through social media anxiety, find ways to avoid it. At least for now, experiment for a few months and see how it goes when you DO IT YOUR WAY.

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