How to limit social media use (and still promote your business)

how to limit social media use seo

Are you an empath, highly sensitive person, or introvert who has grown weary of relying on social media to find clients? You’re not alone! More and more people are wondering how to limit social media use, both personally and for client attraction (even though it can be a useful free tool for promoting your business).

You prefer not to be online all the time. But fear has got you hesitating to make the break.

The fear is real. After all, we’ve been told over and over how perfect social media is for being visible without having to network face to face.

So we wonder, how will we find clients if we’re not posting, commenting, and actively hustling every day?

And yet, in reality, there’s no denying it. Social media exhausts, overwhelms, and distracts us.

How does it make you feel about doing the marketing necessary to attract clients and grow your online service-based business?

Does it make you feel like you’re toiling away? Want to avoid it altogether?

I know that I have struggled with trying to show up consistently on social media, becoming exhausted, pulling back to recuperate, and then starting back again…only to keep repeating the cycle. It can feel demoralizing.

Perhaps that’s why this quote from Your Fully Charged Life (by Meaghan B Murphy) immediately made me think of how marketing, especially on social media, can make many of us feel:

Toiling away without being rewarded with progress, satisfaction, lessons, enjoyment, money or something else you value is the ultimate drain. Consider how energizing and empowering it might feel to walk away.

p. 44

WALK AWAY. Take a moment and let that possibility sink in!

Who says you can’t limit social media AND grow a successful business at the same time?

There’s no magic wand. You still have to take responsibility for your marketing. BUT you can decide what you prefer it to look AND feel like.

If the idea of pulling back from social media feels like an utter RELIEF to you, and you know that you could use that extra energy more effectively to grow your business…DO IT!

Here are 5 alternative actions you could take to attract, nurture, and convert your next client (without using social media):

  • Get listed: on registries relating to your practitioner training, assessments, certifications
  • Follow up: with past clients, people on your list, people who have expressed interest but didn’t buy
  • Ask for referrals: from friends and family, past clients, existing clients, colleagues (past and present)
  • Be a guest: write a guest blog post or be a guest on someone’s podcast (with a bigger audience than you, linking back to your website)
  • SEO: when you write your blog posts with SEO in mind, you’ll have a better chance of being discovered in search results as your ideal clients search for answers and assistance

Want more ideas that will make you smile? Alexandra Franzen shares 21 ways to market without social media on her blog. P.S. She has a very successful business WITHOUT any social media!

Bottom line: When it comes to marketing your business, social media is just ONE option among many. Find what feels best (and works best) for YOU.

Reach out for help if you need it. Because toiling away is taking its toll on your energy (and therefore your business)!

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