How to avoid burnout while you grow your online service business

how to avoid burnout seo

More is not always more. If you’re a highly sensitive or introverted person building an online service business, thinking about how to avoid burnout is probably top of mind. For many of us, we’ve been there, done that. Looking ahead, we want to make sure we set ourselves up for success so we can create a sustainable income doing work we care about.

Avoid burnout by saying NO to the hustle and grind

The most empowering way to grow your online service business when you’re concerned about burnout is to know yourself, choose business practices that reinforce personal and professional self-care (energetically and emotionally), and be proactive in setting yourself up to be able to go with the ebb and flow.

For me, this includes (in no particular order):

  1. Plenty of unscheduled time to REPLENISH my energy
  2. Niching!
  3. Being conscious about what WORKS for me so I can choose more (and let go of what doesn’t, without guilt, even if I paid to learn how to do it!)
  4. Appreciating a small, SLOW business that my energy can sustain while delivering the QUALITY that my clients deserve
  5. Ongoing SUPPORT from aligned professionals: a business mentor AND an emotional wellness practitioner (newly added and, now, I can’t believe I waited so long)
  6. Additional training and guidance from other service providers who I feel DRAWN to (not because of fear-based marketing or thinking that I have to learn and do ALL THE THINGS!)
  7. Adding SEO to my website and blog posts so I am more likely to show up in search results when my ideal clients are searching for answers and assistance (which means I don’t have to chase them)
  8. Using social media DELIBERATELY, on one platform, and on a limited basis
  9. Treating my colleagues, potential customers, and clients the way I want to be treated (because PEOPLE are at the heart of online service businesses and referrals are GOLD)
  10. Setting myself up to work from anywhere, on my own schedule, in a way that I can respond vs push, limiting phone calls and face-to-face interactions (because that stuff drains me!)

Burnout is NOT inevitable when growing your online service business

I understand that niggling fear in the background about getting in too deep and bailing on your clients. That’s why I choose to go slow and minimal.

I’m not chasing a huge list, client load, or multi-six-or-seven figure revenue. Building an empire or tribe doesn’t matter to me.

I want to show up when I can, in ways that feel good to me, help some people who I feel drawn to, and get paid. This is how I’m setting up my business. And THAT choice feels like freedom to me (although always a work in progress).

Your turn: Take some quiet time to reflect on your own business and how it impacts your energy.

Journal this: What would feel like freedom to you (that you could start putting into place to help avoid burnout)?

You are allowed to choose what works for YOU

There’s no shortage of information about how to avoid burnout. Likewise, there’s no shortage of information about how to build a successful online service business.

The main point I want to make is that more is not always more. Slow, minimal, meaningful, sustainable…is a perfectly acceptable way to do business.

You KNOW yourself best and can TRUST yourself. You’re allowed to CHOOSE your own BEST PATH (fully capable of asking for the help you need along the way).

Turn down the noise. Put blinders on and hyperfocus if you need to. You can build your online service business WITHOUT BURNOUT!

I’d love to hear what challenges you’ve experienced and the solutions you have come up with when it comes to managing your own personal energy while building your online service business. Leave a comment or contact me privately (I personally reply to every non-spammy email).

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