A heart centered approach to marketing with SEO

heart centered approach to seo

SEO is not just for the “big guys”. It’s for all of us. Yet, you may be hesitating when it comes to applying SEO to the blog posts you write for your business. Sometimes it’s because it seems too technical. And maybe you’re also wondering if there’s a place for SEO in a heart centered business at all. After all, you want to do business in a way that matters, not just for it to be all about the numbers.

I hear you. I believe it’s possible to be authentic AND strategic in connecting with your ideal potential clients.

And I believe that a heart centered approach to SEO is possible if that’s your intention.

Feel good. Do good. Your marketing is a part of that. You created your online service business to help people. And, as an introverted or highly sensitive person, you want to achieve that goal without the crash and burn.

In order to stay in business AND stay well, you need your business to make money. And that means you need paying clients.

The challenge is, where to find them.

That’s where either exhaustion or taking actions that do not feel authentic (or in integrity) can become a problem for too many sensitive solopreneurs.

So it’s no wonder that some heart centered solo business owners avoid SEO. There’s a perception that it’s about ego, numbers, competition. It feels cold and heartless.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s YOUR business. YOU get to decide how you use the tools available to you.

Perhaps there’s a way to find the happy middle ground…where you can benefit from SEO (making it easier for the people who you want to help to discover your business online) AND do it with heart.

That’s what I do with my clients. We start with the heart. We bring in the strategy. And we keep the Google bots in mind so we’re maximizing return on investment of energy.

Because, when you can take practical steps to help your blog posts, written from the heart, to show up in search results when the people who NEED your help are already searching for answers, it helps to make the heart in your work more visible.

Your message gets out there without you having to push or hustle on social media every day.

To me, it’s a win all around.

Yes, it does take time. But you’re taking time to write blog posts anyways.

  • Are they showing up in search results?
  • What could be different about the energy you invest in your business if your posts brought new people to your website where you can begin to create connection?

Once you learn how to add the SEO elements, it won’t take much extra time or energy for your blog writing process. And it can make all the difference in whether someone who could really benefit from what you have to offer finds you.

Curious how to use SEO with heart to grow your online service business? I’d love to personally respond to your questions and hesitations ~ reach out.

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