How to start with SEO (using this simple info)

start with seo

Are you a sensitive solopreneur who is relatively new to SEO? Consider making THIS the year that you start with SEO. Help your blog posts and website pages show up in search results (so your future clients FIND you instead of having to hustle and chase them on social media)!

If you’re an introvert, empath, or highly sensitive person with an online service business who doesn’t want to rely on social media to find new clients, SEO can definitely help you achieve your goals.

But, with so much information available, it can feel overwhelming.

I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be.

Plus, you don’t have to be an SEO expert to start seeing results.

Here is my quick tip for the very FIRST action you can take to start with SEO, even if you don’t have an actual SEO strategy or plan yet for how you’ll use SEO to grow your online service business.

Start with SEO by knowing your website’s current situation (relating to traffic and what’s actually showing up in search results).


There are several ways to do it, but to keep it quick and not overly technical, do this:

  1. Create a new document (Word, Google doc etc.) and name it SEO 2022
  2. Go to Ubersuggest
  3. Enter YOUR website domain
  4. You will see results describing the traffic to your site. Poke around with curiosity. Note that hovering over the various “?” will give you a description of what it means.
  5. Take screenshots of the results (Traffic Overview, Traffic, SEO Keywords Ranking, Top SEO Pages, SEO Keywords) and PASTE them into your SEO 2022 doc, making note of the DATE that you record the information.
  6. Jot down some thoughts about what you notice when you look at these results.
Consider this:
    • Has traffic been increasing? (find this on the Traffic chart)
      • Does this make sense in terms of how often you post or how new your site is?
    • How many organic keywords do you already rank for? (find this on the SEO Keywords Ranking chart)
      • How many rank in the top 10 (showing up on the first page of search results)? (you’ll see this when you hover over a month, green and yellow)
      • How has this changed over time?
    • What are your top SEO pages? (you’ll find this on the Top SEO Pages table, with tabs for results by country)
      • Are they what you prefer people view (ie. they relate to your current niche and offers)?
      • Since people are visiting these pages, what edits to the content can you make that increase conversion (so you can encourage them to connect)?
    • What about your top SEO keywords? (you’ll find this on the SEO Keywords table, with tabs for results by country)
      • This shows which keywords you are showing up for in search results. Do they reflect your current niche and offers?
      • Which ones are showing up in “Position” 1-10? They are the ones most likely to be clicked on by people searching.

7. Based on these observations, jot down some questions and goals for what you would like to improve (or learn more about) over the next few months.

8. Mark follow-up dates on your calendar to repeat this exercise every month (or at least quarterly, depending on how much time you want to invest in your SEO now).

You see.

With this one quick task, you can start with SEO simply by beginning to observe, question, and understand what is already working (based on what you’ve already been doing).

And, without being an expert, you will intuitively have a sense of what you might want to change (even if you don’t understand all the details and it still feels like a foreign language to you, which is totally ok!).

Then, as you continue to look at your new stats over time with curiosity, it will be both interesting and motivating to compare them to where you started (and since this was originally posted in January 2021, you may already have your “SEO 2021” doc with screenshots so you can see what’s changed and how far you’ve come).

Next step? Get clear about your audience and niche!

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