Sensitive Solopreneur: Contact me for help with your SEO

Welcome, I’m Marla. She/her. Sensitive solopreneur. SEO coach/consultant.

I believe that it should be possible to successfully market your online service business without overwhelm and exhaustion (even if you experience sensitivities).

So I help my fellow sensitive solopreneurs to reach and connect with their ideal clients who are already SEARCHING.

Because, when your website shows up in search results and starts bringing new potential clients to you, you can stop feeling so pressured to hustle every day to “put yourself out there” on social media.

Imagine, FREEDOM from energy drain in your online business marketing!

You can find my recommended steps for beginners on my BLOG. This includes: gaining niche clarity, doing keyword research, and how to write your blog posts more effectively to reach new potential clients.


The best way to contact me is by joining me behind the scenes where I spend most of my time.

I send a NEWSLETTER once a month and personally reply to every email (unless it’s spam).

Otherwise, you can reach me via messenger from my FB page.

Still have a QUESTION about my SEO coaching/mentoring and consulting services as a sensitive solopreneur after reviewing my current offers?

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Marla Hunter-Bellavia is an SEO coach/mentor/consultant who specializes in supporting introverted and sensitive solopreneurs to grow their online service business (without having to be online all the time). Time zone PST/PDT.