Learn SEO for BLOGS:

Reach more of your ideal audience through blog posts that show up in search results with this SEO mentoring service

Do you want to STOP relying so much on social media to find new clients for your online service-based business?

You CAN by leveraging the writing you’re already doingwith SEO Mentoring for blogs (even if you’ve been procrastinating because SEO seemed too technical, uninteresting, complicated, or overwhelming).

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to start seeing results.

Let’s get you started on your SEO for blogs mentoring journey with simple but powerful clarity and steps to help your blog posts do their job…attract new ideal clients without having to chase them on social media every day!

SEO for Blogs – This one month 1:1 mentoring opportunity for sensitive solopreneurs was created to help you if:

  • You are so tired of your blog writing feeling like a chore because you’re investing a lot of time but it doesn’t seem to be helping you grow your business.
  • You feel frustrated trying to find clients on social media because if you don’t post daily, it seems like nobody sees what you do post (and you just can’t keep up with that pace…so it all becomes overwhelming).
  • You’ve worked hard on your website and creating a freebie for your newsletter opt-in but you don’t know how to get more people to see them if you’re not hustling on social media. 
  • You’re afraid of never figuring out how to find enough clients to keep your business going without burning out because what you’ve tried hasn’t been working consistently.
  • You want to get your website working better for your business so you’ve tried learning SEO, but you get halfway through watching tutorials and become absolutely lost.

Through this 1:1 SEO mentoring for blogs, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain niche clarity, allowing you to adjust your writing so it appeals to your ideal clients and becomes more searchable.
  • Create a list of relevant blog post ideas and keywords that will help you show up in search results.
  • More easily write SEO optimized posts every time using Yoast (which may have felt impossible to achieve before).
  • Increase traffic and connection through your WordPress website over time so your marketing feels easier.
  • Feel more energized and consistent in your marketing because you’ve decided to do more of what works for you and let the other strategies go.

What we’ll cover during our month working together:

Week 1: Niche & Message Clarity – If we want your blog posts to resonate, we need to spend some time getting clear about who you want to reach (and what problem you solve for them). Yep, we’ll be honing in and narrowing your niche. This part alone can change your business and how you feel about marketing.

Week 2: Before and After blog SEO – I’ll edit one of your draft posts so you can see the before and after versions. You’ll receive notes on how to add the SEO formatting to Yoast with this edited version.

Week 3: Your Turn – I’ll give you a keyword and proposed topic. Then, you’ll write a new blog post and practice adding the SEO in Yoast on your own. I’ll review and provide feedback so you can edit before you publish.

Week 4: Keyword Research – I’ll walk you through a simple method for finding keywords for your new content. Our session will be recorded on Zoom so you can refer to it as you do future keyword research on your own.

Wrap up: We’ll address any final questions. Identify next steps.

(unless otherwise stated, most of this work will be done via email, messenger, and shared Google doc so you can work on your own schedule, making time zone differences insignificant)

Moving forward, you’ll feel more confident writing SEO-optimized blog posts for your niche to grow your business.


$650 USD

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