Imagine the freedom of finding clients for your online service business without having to rely on social media

All it takes is strategically optimizing your BLOG POSTS with SEO to show up in search results AND resonate with your ideal clients.

But right now, SEO may seem too technical, uninteresting, or overwhelming to you.

There’s plenty of information out there. Where do you even start?


You consider yourself somewhat of a newbie when it comes to SEO. You sense that it is important. But it’s not something you have invested much of your precious energy into.

You may have dipped your toe but have been inconsistent in using it (or can’t figure out HOW to turn those Yoast happy faces GREEN no matter how hard you try).


  • You try to be consistent on social media, but keep falling off track because you find it exhausting (plus keeping up with the algorithms so you ACTUALLY show up in the feed frustrates you beyond belief!).
  • You keep writing blog posts, but feel discouraged because there is no indication that they are doing ANYTHING to help you find new clients (despite your efforts).
  • You have a sense of who you serve, but you don’t seem to be getting any traction because sales and referrals are slow and inconsistent.
  • You have clients, but you’re not sure where the next one is coming from because you’ve tapped into all of your existing contacts and are not sure what to do next.

turtle-slow-blog-seoI totally understand because I’ve been there.

I’ve tried so many different marketing programs and courses. I’ve TRIED to take advantage of the benefits of social media to grow my business.

And each time I tried AGAIN to be consistent, I ended up feeling drained and shitty because I “couldn’t figure it out” or “follow through”.

I realized that it was time to be honest and accept my own personal preferences and energy needs so I could make choices that were better aligned. And I was already writing with SEO in mind to help my freelance clients. It was time to choose my own easier path.

Here’s what can change when you start using strategy (based on niche clarity) and SEO for your future blog posts:

  • You feel ENERGIZED and ready to be visible in your marketing again because you’ve decided to do more of what works for you and let the other strategies go.
  • You are EXCITED to check your email to see what conversions happened overnight because your blog posts are showing up in search results for your ideal people and they want MORE of what you have to offer.
  • You easily recognize, communicate, and RESONATE with your ideal clients (or people who can refer them to you) because you’ve decided to narrow your niche and make marketing (and sales) easier.
  • You feel more CONFIDENT in your ability to attract new clients because you’ve learned and applied SEO to your blog posts so new people FIND YOU every day.

OK, so even if you believe this easier path is possible, you’re probably still experiencing some doubts. Fair enough. After all, you’ve been trying different strategies for a while. Just how easy can this be?

I won’t tell you that BLOG SEO is a magic solution.

It requires a change in the way you think and regular practice to get the hang of it. Usually, It takes time for the search engines to show your posts in search results and, when they do, conversions are not guaranteed. You still have to show up, do the work, and keep experimenting.

But you don’t have to HUSTLE, or sell your soul, or dedicate yourself to becoming an SEO expert in order to see results. It’s about doing what you’re already doing…better.


1:1 VIP – BLOG SEO Mentoring for Sensitive Womxn with Online Service Businesses

A customized mentoring service that will help you add strategy and SEO to your blog posts so you can ATTRACT NEW IDEAL CLIENTS without having to chase them on social media every day

Say F*YOU to those social media algorithms that have been exhausting you all this time because LESS HUSTLE and MORE EASE is ahead (and you don’t have to become a tech genius to implement the steps).

1:1 VIP – BLOG SEO Mentoring for Sensitive Womxn with Online Service Businesses is all about accepting your natural energy and personality preferences, narrowing in on WHO you serve, getting CLEAR and STRATEGIC about how to communicate in a way that resonates, and applying some basic SEO techniques to help make it EASIER for your ideal clients to FIND YOU in their next search.

SEO + Niche Clarity = More Ease in finding new clients online

(because they find you)

This formula reflects the art and science of my approach. I use my intuition AND strategic thinking to help you uncover your sustainable path forward in finding new clients using SEO.

But showing up in search results is NOT enough in itself to grow your business.

That’s why we also need to understand your NICHE, what they’re searching for, what they need, and the most efficient way to INVITE and GUIDE them to their next step closer to working with you.

In effect, there are three key factors to consider:

  • What works for YOU,
  • What works for your IDEAL CLIENT, and
  • What works for the SEARCH ENGINES.

When we can get clear and strategic about EACH of these three factors, we can create a winning combination. That combination is repeatable (becoming easier with practice). And it BUILDS MOMENTUM over time (old posts will continue to show up in search results).

By changing the way you see your blog strategy and practicing basic SEO techniques, you CAN create a situation where your next potential client finds you, reaches out, and you RESPOND.

Not only does this expand your reach, but you can also expect to increase conversions from a cold audience.

marla-blog-seo-mentorYour Blog SEO mentor:

I know you’ve tried a lot of marketing strategies that left you feeling drained and disappointed. You’re wondering, is this too good to be true?

Hi, I’m Marla, a strongly introverted, non-lover of social media. Managing my energy and staying consistent in my marketing has been one of my biggest challenges in finding clients for my online service businesses.

It’s not that I haven’t been prepared to SHOW UP and be VISIBLE over the years. It’s that I was pushing myself to use methods that didn’t work for me (or I didn’t believe in). Plus, I wasn’t willing (or able) to BE ON all the time. The result was a self-defeating cycle of push, retreat, repeat.

I believe that self-employment can be an ideal way for other womxn like me to earn a sustainable living that supports their lifestyle choices, prioritizes their own wellness, and makes a positive difference in the world.

SEO consulting and mentoring is how I feel inspired to help turn this vision into a reality for my clients.

Your Investment:

This blog SEO mentoring service is delivered 1:1 and customized to meet you exactly where you are to avoid overwhelm.

In most cases, work will happen via writing (email, shared Google docs, messenger) so we can avoid scheduling meetings and dealing with time differences. This will allow you to work in your own flow, taking the time you need to process the information and practice applying it.

Over a one month period, you’ll have the opportunity to learn by doing with guidance and feedback as you use Yoast to turn the SEO and Readability happy faces green.

We’ll cover niche, keywords, SEO blog structure, and calls to action that convert a cold audience.

By the end of the month, you’ll have the TOOLS and PRACTICE you need to repeat a process that gets your future posts showing up in search results (and new potential clients coming to you).

Pricing varies by the number of blog posts you would like reviewed and if you prefer adding voice/video calls.

Starts at $375 USD (for 2 blog posts, all written communication)

Ready to PURCHASE? Start here.

More than anything, I want you to have the FREEDOM to show up on social media when and how you want to (if at all), and still be able to attract new clients anyway.

Most of all, I want finding clients to feel EASIER for you…and to happen as you RESPOND versus PUSH so you can create a sustainable business that supports your income AND wellbeing.

I believe that SEO can help to make that possible and I would love to be your guide in keeping the process simple, doable, and effective.

Questions? Get in touch.

Ready to PURCHASE? Start here.