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blog for business

Do you keep writing blog posts for your online service business, hoping that it will help you reach new potential clients? If you’re starting to feel frustrated with the process, learning how to make your posts both search engine friendly and niche friendly can make a difference. In this post, I’ll share my thoughts on how to do this in an energy-friendly way with SEO.

Blog for business success with my 3 tips for growing your online service business:

Get clear about WHO you are marketing to:

As a coach, consultant, healer, or wellness practitioner with an online service business, you realize that your job when you write anything for your business is related to marketing and sales in some way, right? Yes, even your blog posts!

I know, I keep nagging you about narrowing down to focus on a specific audience. That’s because your job as a marketer becomes easier when you know WHO you’re trying to reach, what their goals and challenges are, and therefore, what they might already be searching for.

Instead of writing your next post for anyone, think about your ideal client, the urgent problem she’s trying to resolve, and write it to help her!

Understand what you want each blog post to ACCOMPLISH:

You’re already writing blog posts. Before you start typing away, have you made it a habit to get clear about what you want your post to accomplish for your business?

Many of my clients have not. They know they need to write something. So they write about whatever is on their mind or has caught their interest in the moment. It’s sort of like checking a box. Check, post is published, what’s next?

But what if you decided that the purpose of your post was to expand your reach with a new cold audience versus nurture an existing warm audience? How would that change what you write about, how you write it, and what your call to action would be? Try it next time.

Be strategic about KEYWORDS:

Gone are the days when you could just write anything and get traffic. Now, you want to choose a keyword that ENOUGH people are searching for to make it worth your time (if you’re trying to reach a cold audience). AND it has to give you the ability to show up in search results for it. Plus it has to be something that YOUR ideal people would resonate with.

Learning how to do keyword research will help your potential clients find your business in a search (so you can spend less time chasing them on social media). Once you learn it, then it’s a matter of fine-tuning based on what terms people are using to find your site (you’ll find this in Google Search Console if you have it set up) and what’s working in terms of your top posts (the Ubersuggest website is another great free resource for this).

Try some of my “how-to” posts to work through the process, starting with Fresh Start with SEO, where you’ll use Ubersuggest to get a sense of your website’s current situation (so you can build on what’s working and make changes as needed).

Plan ahead and make your posts SEO-friendly so you are more likely to blog for business success (vs sending posts off to the void).

When you write a blog for business purposes, it’s important to start from a place of clarity, purpose, and strategy. SEO can be an energy-friendly part of a sustainable client attraction process for your online service business. The good news is that you can learn how. And then it’s a matter of practicing, monitoring, and tweaking as you improve your ranking in search results over time.

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