About Marla Hunter-Bellavia

independence, calm confidence, slow pace…

As an introverted, private, non-lover of social media, I genuinely understand the struggles sensitive solopreneurs face in promoting their online service business.

Staying on top of marketing can feel extremely challenging when our energy level is low (or unpredictable).

So we need to find our own right-fit marketing solutions that WORK and we FEEL GOOD about.

Welcome fellow sensitive solopreneur,


I’m Marla Hunter-Bellavia (Marla HB for ease). I help introverted, highly sensitive, and empath women with online service businesses to reach more ideal future CLIENTS online without sinking energy into an active social media presence.

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for organic inbound marketing, we take PROACTIVE steps behind the scenes to get your blog posts and website discovered in a search by your ideal audience.

Then you can use your energy to CONNECT more with new visitors and subscribers vs STRIVE more to chase new “prospects” down.

It’s ALL about the ENERGY!

I consider myself to be an asocial person. A bit of a hermit and happy homebody. As an introvert and internal processor (INTP), I need a lot of space for thinking and daydreaming. And I am naturally quite serious in nature (big toothy smiles are much less common than my smirk and so-called resting b*face).

I’m also a Human Design Generator, so I prefer to respond than actively “push myself out there” to become more visible online. Posting daily on social media? NO way.

So hustling, “doing it all”, and trying to cram more into my days is NOT my style. To me, LESS is MORE. And SLOW is the way to go!

I love my freedom and also have a rebellious side. I don’t like doing what I “should” do if it doesn’t feel right to me.

Since I value quiet and don’t talk constantly in real life, why would I on social media? If I have something to say, I’ll say it. Because I WANT to. Not because some marketing guru or algorithm told me to. 

I believe that strategically using SEO can create the best of both worlds for sensitive types like me who are self-employed.

We can PROACTIVELY set up our websites and blog posts to be doing the work of REACHING and INVITING new ideal future clients to us without having to be actively engaged all the time.

AND we can show up on social media if and when we choose (not forced by algorithm requirements – so we can avoid the overwhelm). Think of it as a more passive form of marketing for online business.

Marla Hunter-Bellavia | Experience: 

I’ve been working online for over fifteen years. Much of that time, I have worked on Elance/Upwork projects as a freelance writer using SEO to help clients grow their businesses.

Along the way, I popped in and out of “regular” jobs where I continued to utilize my intuition and skills in strategic thinking, research, writing, editing. But I was always drawn back HOME to the FREEDOM of my own business where I could do my own thing (from wherever I wanted to do it).

This freedom included the ability to work on my own SCHEDULE, according to my ENERGY levels. I have learned along the way, as I attempted different versions of my own online service business, that showing up consistently on social media is NOT something I can commit to. 

So I have continued to learn, experiment, mess up, fine-tune, take courses, and participate in various group marketing programs to find my right fit. That includes doing MORE of what naturally feels easy and enjoyable for me (so I can sustain it).

Here’s what I know. My right fit is NOT necessarily your right fit. That’s up to YOU to uncover.

But if niche clarity and some basic yet strategic SEO to proactively help your ideal clients DISCOVER YOU online (so you can set yourself up to serve vs push) is something that you’re interested in exploring, I can help you with that. 

Marla Hunter-Bellavia | On a more personal note

  • 💰My first “business” was when I was in elementary school. I’d load up my WAGON with items that I no longer wanted and roam the streets searching for buyers. (Now I’m lazier. No roaming (ok, debatable). No wagon or unwanted items (they get donated). Just a laptop, WIFI, intuition, and ideas.)
  • ✈️I started traveling SOLO right after I graduated from high school (and that didn’t stop when I got married or became a mom. I love the space to remember myself and move to my own natural rhythm. It usually involves searching for treasures on a beach somewhere warm and sunny!).
  • 👓My degree is in Anthropology (cultural) which expanded my understanding that there is more than one ‘right way’ and led me to question things more than I already did. I switched out of Psychology (because it felt like I was learning more about brains than people at the time).
  • 🐈CAT person. Definitely! (Dogs are sweet but too slobbery and active for me)

Are you INTERESTED in some beginner yet strategic SEO to proactively help your ideal future clients DISCOVER YOU online (so you can stop chasing them on social media)?

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Marla Hunter-Bellavia lives in British Columbia, Canada and delivers her SEO Mentoring and Consulting services for other women-owned online businesses 100% virtually (often without ever seeing or talking to her clients around the world, making time differences a non-issue).