SEO services for Sensitive Solopreneurs

SEO services to help clients FIND YOU: FIRST STEP – Join me behind the scenes. I’ll respond with a personalized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tip that you can implement EASILY so your blog and website can start ATTRACTING new clients (without the exhaustion of relying on social media). Start HERE

Avoid the constant hustle and exhaustion of chasing new clients on social media. Instead, help them find YOU.


I’m Marla (with an L) and I provide SEO services that help sensitive womxn with online service-based businesses to ATTRACT new ideal clients by showing up in Google search results.

My clients identify as introverts, highly sensitive, and/or empaths. They tend to be coaches or healing/wellness practitioners with online businesses that help other womxn to thrive.

And they DO NOT want to spend much time on social media (if at all). In fact, it’s so draining, they can’t sustain it.

As a strongly introverted person who needs A LOT of no-people time, I am drawn to helping my fellow “non-energy” or sensitive types to succeed.

Why? Because having an online service business can be an IDEAL work scenario for people like us.

But it’s only sustainable if we can make enough money AND maintain our wellbeing. Otherwise, we might as well go back to dealing with the challenges of ‘surviving’ in a regular job.

Um, no thank you!

You ARE capable of success on your own terms

SEO can be an ideal way to respect your energy needs AND maximize the impact of what you already prefer doing: writing, understanding your ideal clients, and creating a situation where you can RESPOND vs PUSH (because you’ve become more discoverable in a Google search).

If you want to learn how to use SEO on your website and in your blog posts to make it easier for new ideal CLIENTS to find you online, my SEO services can help.

Working with me as your SEO Consultant and Mentor will help you:

  • Apply the “Coles notes” version of SEO to your process (because you don’t have to know everything to see RESULTS),
  • Stay FOCUSED on what’s important given your current situation (so you don’t feel overwhelmed with TMI),
  • Keep it as SIMPLE as possible (no need for complicated tech or terminology),
  • Connect with your ideal people in a way that resonates and invites them to become part of your warm audience (where you can nurture them into paying CLIENTS), and…
  • Feel more in CONTROL of your client attraction process.

You CAN find new clients without having to be on social media all the time

Reach out for support and find out more about my SEO services.