SEO Coach and Consultant

for Sensitive Solopreneurs

(Introverts, Empaths & HSP)

Avoid the constant hustle and exhaustion of social media to market your online service business.

Use SEO to help new clients find YOU.


I’m MarlaHB. Introvert. On-page SEO coach for women who are sensitive solopreneurs.

Low stress living with plenty of free time is a priority for me AND inspires my work these days.

I help introverted, empath, and highly sensitive women to spend less time actively marketing their online service-based businesses (so they can use their energy in a more sustainable way that supports their wellbeing).

We do this by focusing on niche clarity and simple SEO so we can increase the chances that their website and blog posts will be found in a Google search (AND also resonate to grow their ideal audience).

Bonus. Reach and attract more ideal clients with less time on social media!

As a person who becomes easily overwhelmed by too much input (whether it’s from too much people-ing, social media, or some other external source), I am drawn to helping my fellow introverted and sensitive solopreneurs to succeed on their own terms.

Why? Because self-employment can be an IDEAL work scenario for people like us who need strong boundaries and a lot of space.



Want to make it easier for new potential CLIENTS to discover your service business online so you can RESPOND more vs PUSH more?

Getting support from a SEO coach who understands what it’s like to be a sensitive solopreneur can provide the help you need (without the overwhelm).

Working with me as your on-page SEO coach will help you to:

  • Apply the “Coles notes” version of SEO to your process (because you don’t have to know everything to see RESULTS),
  • Stay FOCUSED on what’s important given your current situation (so you don’t feel overwhelmed with TMI),
  • Keep it as SIMPLE as possible (no need for complicated tech or terminology),
  • Connect with your ideal people in a way that resonates and invites them to become part of your warm audience (where you can nurture them into paying CLIENTS), and…
  • Feel more in CONTROL of your client attraction process.

You CAN find new clients without having to be on social media all the time

Check out the blog to learn some SEO basics, like these 3 tips for how to blog for business success as a sensitive solopreneur.

Connect with me on FB. And reach out for support when you’re ready to get some SEO coaching to optimize your online business marketing results.

Let’s keep SEO doable. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think.

Marla Hunter-Bellavia specializes in providing on-page SEO coaching and consulting to help introverted and HSP solopreneurs reach more ideal clients, grow their business, and do it in an energy-friendly way that does not require them to be online all the time! Time zone Vancouver PST/PDT.